Jan 24, 2013

upcoming projects and more mealtime bootcamp!

Hi friends! I am behind the scenes working on a ton of projects. It's so exciting to be super busy but being busy also means I have to seize the moment!

How are you feeling this winter? Have you escaped the flu? We have been battling the cold/ flu at our house so it's been a little crazy here. On that note, everyone is feeling much better and I've learned some new tricks and natural remedies this season that have definitely helped.

All six of us had our flu shots, but from what I understand, it's not 100% effective against all flu strains. Since this was our first season having it, I've learned some new things (did you know this?) and I thought I would share:

If you suspect your child has the flu, within the first 48 hours (so basically as soon as you see fever and coughing) if you take your child to the pediatrician, they can test for the flu and if your child has it,  they can administer Tamiflu which will help.

I had no idea about that but I am glad to know now.

How about you? Any flu tips or tricks you want to share? I'd love to know for the future but fingers crossed we never have this again!! And I wish you a great, flu-free day, my friends!

Also please check out our latest Mealtime Bootcamp over on Sheri Silver's blog on Friday. Sheri is talking about timing and this is a department I definitely can improve. One of my hurdles in "bootcamp"was that I tend to start dinner to late then I have to scramble and improvise. If you struggle in this area too, this post will really help you and offer you some expert secrets to how you can get a handle on time management with your mealtime preparations!

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Rebecca said...

Probiotics. They are your friend. Take them twice a day when you start feeling ill and until you're feeling better.

You can break the little caplets apart and pour about half of the contents into yogurt (or anything the kids will eat). Do this twice a day for the kids.

I do this with the kids and they are usually pretty healthy. Usually.

small + friendly said...

Oh no! I am so sorry your family isn't feeling well :( I got Jude the flu shot but I am nervous about it not working. When my little one is sick I become a worrying zombie. Thanks so much for the tamiflu tip. I can't wait to see what you've been working on!

Caroline said...

Rebecca, as always you are a genius. I miss your genius ways over here. :) So glad you gave me this tip today!

Carla, thank you! We are feeling better now! :) I am sure Jude will be fine--we've been fine every other year. For whatever reason in our area this year the flu stuff was just crazy. BUT if somehow you suspect he has it--DO take him to the pediatrician right aways. I had NO idea they could do anything! So glad to know.

Sue said...

Ugh. Sorry to hear you still caught it despite your flu shots. Now my little aura of security has fled.


PS. Glad, however, that you are all recovered! =D

Anonymous said...
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